‘I am an “Aspiring” Actor…’

Most of, if not all of us have said it at some point in our acting lives…

Some of us still do…

Stood in front of the bathroom mirror with a shampoo bottle or hair brush in hand…

“…and I’d like to thank the Academy so much for this award and recognition…”

The thing is…

So many of us define ourselves as ‘aspiring’ how do we transition from ‘aspiring’ to ‘being’?

What is the difference between the professional actors we all see and love (and sometimes hate) on stage and screen, and you the ‘aspiring’ actor reading this blog?

‘The A-Z of Professional Acting’ is a 26 chapter reflection of the things you may or may not already know about being a ‘Professional actor’.

Drawing from over ten years of experience as a professional working actor in the industry, hopefully, my thoughts, feelings, observations and experiences can help you transition from ‘Aspiring’ to ‘Being’.

And if you are already ‘being’, maybe reading this will help reaffirm some things or even give you a new perspective to help push your career to another level.

Now, this isn’t a drama class. I will not be talking about acting technique, or how to be believable on stage. There are plenty of books out there that can do that and I’d be happy to recommend a few.

However this, this is looking at all the things that go into making a ‘Professional’ actor, because surprisingly enough, being onstage or on screen performing probably accounts for less than 10% of what it takes to be a professional actor.

Professional actors don’t just pop up out of nowhere. They are forged under immense pressure heartache and disappointment.

They constantly swim against the tide of comfort and stand with an unshakable determination when faced with an earthquake of uncertainty. They possess characteristics that non-actors will rarely have nor understand.

The professional actor doesn’t do it because they want to. They do it because they have to. Because something deep down within the pit of their souls won’t rest until they allow themselves to pursue what they so desperately have yearned for, for months, years, sometimes decades.

So… With all that being said, the roadmap has been being plotted. Shall we begin?

My name is Stefan Davis, I am an Actor…

And this is my A-Z of Professional Acting’

‘A is of…’