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‘It Shouldn’t Happen’

‘It Shouldn’t Happen’ was created by a group of young people from inner city Birmingham with the community interest company GL360. in 2011 Under the supervision and Direction of Stefan Davis

This thought provoking piece was devised through a number of topical discussions and workshops based around the issue of pedophilia and child abuse.

The film aims to highlight some important contributing factors surrounding the issuer such as:

    • Grooming
    • Suffering in silence
    • Stresses of Singer Parent hood
    • Long term effects and Damage

If you have been affected by anything that you have seen in this video, please contact the authorities and get help because IT SHOULDN’T’ HAPPEN.


ChildLine –
Against Violance and Abuse –…
Amazon Young People’s Counselling Service – 0121 236 9222
Victim Support – – 0808 168 9111


Read the Script for ‘It Shouldn’t Happen’ -> Here<-

  • it shoudln't happen poster
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