Today Nothing Came. Looking forward to when Nothing’s Left so I can put Everything Right

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(I’m found where Anything cannot be found. Dead people eat me all the time, but if a living person were to eat me, they would surly die… Who am I?)

So, It’s my first EVER Blog entry focusing on my life as an Actor… And it’s really weird, because this first blog actually comes at a time when I’m really questioning whether I am actually cut out to be an actor. In my career so far, I‘ve had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects with some amazing people, but no matter what happens, when that project comes to an end you are often always met with that empty sinking feeling of ‘What do I do with my life now?’.

  • If you’re serious about acting and you never had a day like this, then be prepared for days like this. The day nothing came…
  • If you’re serious about acting and today is that day, the day ‘Nothing Came’, just know you’re not alone…
  • If you’re serious about acting and ‘Nothing’s left’, I hope that’s ‘left’ as in gone away, as opposed to ‘left’ as in given up.


When I observe some of the Great Black British Actors of our time (The likes of Idris Elba, best known for HBO’s The Wire, Thor and BBC’s Luther and Chewetel Ejiofor best known for so many roles, I don’t even know where to start. If you don’t know of him, IMDB. Trust Me!) and try placing myself in this industry around them, It does feel like a “Why even bother to try?” situation. Add to that the rejection you feel when you don’t get the part you auditioned for or worst you just don’t get any auditions. It can really take its toll on your perceptions of your ability.

So, to you the reader… Maybe you typed a Google Search on ‘Advice for Actors’ or ‘How to get into Acting?’ or maybe even ‘Performing Arts School/ Theatre School’. Maybe you’re someone I know and you want a bit more insight to what I do and why I do it or just want to catch up on
what’s going on with me. Maybe you’re someone who just likes to read. In any case, if my blog popped up just know that 1) I am an Actor and 2) today was one of those days when nothing happened. A day when the questions Who?, What?, When?, Why? and How? were asked and there were no answers… Just… NOTHING…

Advice to the Actor

And Finally

One of my biggest fears in life is that I will never achieve my full potential. When I hear stories about Noel Clarke, Samuel L Jackson, Idris Elba and Tyler Perry (To name a few) and how difficult they found it getting started. Then too look at them where they are now… All their stories tend to start the same way my blog is. Nothing happened, nothing came. But for them, it seems as though when you hit the point of nothing happening, that tends to mean that you have nothing to lose. And when you have nothing to lose, It can be quite freeing, Don’t you think?

They (Noel, Samuel, Idris, and Tyler) had nothing to lose, but everything to gain which meant ‘Nothing left’ and when you have nothing Left, depending on how you look at it, ‘nothing’ can sometimes be the answer you’re looking for.

There are two saying that state the following, ‘Never contend with a man who has nothing to lose’ and ‘Fear the man who has nothing to lose’. It’s at these very points of Nothingness that we can be at our most productive, our most creative and our most effective…

So, if you’re at a point in your acting career, whether you just starting out or are a well seasoned veteran, when nothing comes and nothing happens… Ride it out… because later on down the line when ‘Nothings Left’, you should be in a position to put Everything Right and be able to continue on with the dream…

Stefan Davis