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EP:15 ‘Over 8 Years – An Italia Conti Pilgrimage.’

If your looking for a great Drama school – ‘A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’ – Marcus Garvey ‘You can’t know where …


EP:14 ‘I GOT A SUPRISE FOR YOU…’ @StefanDavisActs

Sitting down with The Man Daniel Blydan – Stay up to date with my movements


‘5 Things I Got Right When I First Started Acting’

Sometimes we get things wrong, but sometimes we get things right. Here are 5 things I got right when I first started acting.


‘5 Mistakes I made when I first Started Acting’

Sometimes it’s good to look back and I hope that my mistakes can help the next generation of actors get that one step ahead. “Those who are unaware of history are destined to repeat it.” …


‘5 Dilemmas Actors Go Through’

Sometimes there can be some tough calls an actor has to make, I just wanted to highlight 5 I think will crop up from time to time.


‘5 Things Non-Actors Should Know About Acting’

So many assumptions get made about actors and acting. I just wanted to address some of them.

it shoudln't happen poster

‘It Shouldn’t Happen’ SCRIPT

Posted by Stefan Davis on 05/01/2015  /   No Comments

Watch The Short film ‘It Shouldn’t Happen’ ->Here<-[gview file=”” height=”1000px” width=”750px” save=”0″]


Today Nothing Came. Looking forward to when Nothing’s Left so I can put Everything Right

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(I’m found where Anything cannot be found. Dead people eat me all the time, but if a living person were to eat me, they would surly die… Who am I?) So, It’s my first EVER …