My ‘ GoFundMe’Campagne



I have been working on two feature film scripts, one called ‘Welcome to the Club’ and the other called ‘Do It Like David’

‘Welcome to the Club’ (Working title) focuses on a group of friends who go out to bid Bon Voyage to their friend Marcus, who is emigrating to another country. Unfortunately, the celebrations are cut short as their night spirals into random chaos and obstacles that challenge the strength of their friendship. Think a modern day version of the 80’s classic film ‘House Party’.

‘Do it like David’ (Working title) is a Dance Flik.

David is one of the hottest unknown dancers around, Finally getting his shot, he wins a dance contest and is allowed to join a new crew. But the leader of the Crew Saul doesn’t like David at all. Knowing David is better than him, Saul does everything he can to destroy David and secure his place as King of the Crew.

I’m a Brummy through and through and the most important thing about these two films is that they will be made in the Midlands for the Midlands. I will be using Midlands based artists in Midlands based locations.

Granted £2000 isn’t really going to make two feature films, but it’s a start.

I really hope you can get behind me and this dream, and see the wider benefits it will have, not just for me, but for the whole community!